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Hudson Roper, a motocross coaching client, in action.


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What Riders In The Training Programme Are Saying

"My experience working with Yannis has been great, I’ve seen a huge increase in my physical ability and I have never felt so capable on my bike!"
Preston Williams
125cc 2019 British Champion in Motocross
"I started working with Yannis at the start of November and our time together has been fantastic. My strength levels have increased greatly and so too have my cardio vascular levels. I have been pushed hard yet feel fresh everyday and ready to train. He is a great coach with lots of knowledge and will answer any question you have. The programs are easy to follow and you can clearly see how you are progressing. Overall I have made good gains and feel he can take me to the next level in my racing career!"
Ryan Branner, a mountain bike coaching client, riding his bike.
Ryan Branner
Junior DH World Cup Rider
"Been working with Yannis for a year now, and the change not only on my body, but in my head is very noticeable. I just had the best season I ever had in the World Cup circuit with consistency and a lot speed on track, for the first year I didn’t struggle with fitness, thanks to the work we did in the offseason. Looking forward for another season with him, we still have a lot to work on 👊🏻👊🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻. Thanks big man”
Roger Vieira
DH Rider, World Cup Rider
"I have been working with Yannis for a year now and I can truly say this has been the best year training I've done so far. Yannis has great knowledge of not only physical performance but what your mind needs in order to get the best results. I have seen a huge difference in my strength on the bike and have been way more confident in my ability compared to previous years. The plan is really easy to follow and if I have any questions they are answered within minutes meaning that I know what to do at all times. Cheers Yannis and looking forward to another season working with you!"
A motocross rider in action
Conner Challinor
Motocross Rider, AMCA


I have minimum time during the week and not much experience in the gym. Is this programme suitable for me?

Yes, every session is being designed to last not more than 45’-60 minutes and you don’t need much experience in the gym, as long as you take your time and pay lots of attention to using proper form. All training programs come with HD images and HD video tutorials where you can see clearly how to execute every exercise.

Is this programme suitable for men and women?

Yes it is.

What abilities is this suitable for?

As long as you are healthy and injury free you should be able to do all the programmes.  All training sessions are scaled for different abilities and levels of strength/fitness.  Sometimes there will be options for exercises to progress or regress to suit different abilities and there is always a set and rep range to choose from. In addition if you can’t do an exercise and you need help, please feel free to contact me and I will help you accordingly.

Can I start any time of the year?

Yes. You can join at any time of year, although off season for racing is best. You will start with a “Foundation Programme,”  designed to safely get you started with your training and to teach you some key skills. From there the programme builds month on month for up to 12 months.

Are these plans suitable for racers?

These programmes are designed with MX and MTB racers in mind. Whether you are getting ready for Nationals or just your local race series, The MX & MTB Performance Programmes will get you ready.

Is there a contract in place?

No contract involves, it’s a monthly subscription and you can cancel it through Paypal (not Olympus Pro website) before the next payment goes out and that’s it.

What if I get stuck or have any questions?

Signup to our forum. In there, many other people working through the programmes, chat to each other and ask questions. You can get help from other followers and also from me (Yannis) personally. I answer questions daily in the group. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you get stuck, you’ll be able to get help through the group. You can also email me directly or request a call back.
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