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I have minimum time during the week and not much experience in the gym. Is this programme suitable for me?

Yes, every session is being designed to last not more than 45’-60 minutes and you don’t need much experience in the gym, as long as you take your time and pay lots of attention to using proper form. All training programs come with HD images and HD video tutorials where you can see clearly how to execute every exercise.

Is this programme suitable for men and women?

Yes it is.

What abilities is this suitable for?

As long as you are healthy and injury free you should be able to do all the programmes.  All training sessions are scaled for different abilities and levels of strength/fitness.  Sometimes there will be options for exercises to progress or regress to suit different abilities and there is always a set and rep range to choose from. In addition if you can’t do an exercise and you need help, please feel free to contact me and I will help you accordingly.

Will the MX/MTB Performance Programme help me get fit with my riding holiday?

Definitely! The programmes are not designed only for racing. Wether you are planning a trip in Redsand MX park or an MTB trip in Morzine, the training programmes will cover your back regardless, as long as you committed to your training..

Can I start any time of the year?

Yes. You can join at any time of year, although off season for racing is best. You will start with a “Foundation Programme,”  designed to safely get you started with your training and to teach you some key skills. From there the programme builds month on month for up to 12 months.

I am injured at the moment.  Can I still use this programme?

This is up to you and your doctor or physio.  Train through pain is not wise, you better wait until the injury is gone. However you might be able to train around an injury and work other body parts and maintaining some strength and fitness.

Are these plans suitable for racers?

These programmes are designed with MX and MTB racers in mind. Whether you are getting ready for Nationals or just your local race series, The MX & MTB Performance Programmes will get you ready.

Is there a contract in place?

No contract involves, it’s a monthly subscription and you can cancel it through Paypal (not Olympus Pro website) before the next payment goes out and that’s it.

Is this suitable for under 18’s?

Yes it is as long as the individuals follow the programme and pay lots of attention to using proper form. Ultimately it is at the parents’ discretion but the programme is suitable for a healthy youth and junior rider training under the supervision of an adult.

What happens after I pay? How do I access the programme?

Once you complete the payment, you will receive a welcome email with a download link. Simply follow the link to download the programme in PDF format. You can use this to download the programme to all your devices.

What if I get stuck or have any questions?

Signup to our forum. In there, many other people working through the programmes, chat to each other and ask questions. You can get help from other followers and also from me (Yannis) personally. I answer questions daily in the group. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you get stuck, you'll be able to get help through the group. You can also email me directly or request a call back.

Do I need any equipment or a gym membership?

You will need a basic gym membership. If you really want to increase your overall fitness and strength, you need to get to the gym and train properly, unless if you have a home gym or enough dumbbells at home in order to be able to progress. However we do offer home based training plans as well that require minimum to no equipment. If you are an existed member, then you are entitled to a one off 20% discount for the Homebase Plan.That way we make sure that you can do some strength maintenance workouts for the days that you can’t get to the gym. You can choose between the no equipment require or minimum equipment Homebase training plans. The Home based plans require only a resistance band to complete, and access to a static bike, gym bike, indoor trainer or your 'actual' bike to complete the interval sessions.

How does the programme work and how do I follow it?

The programmes come in digital PDF Format. You download it instantly on payment. All training programs come with HD images and HD video tutorials where you can see clearly how to execute every exercise. The MX and MTB Performance Programmes include a weekly planner where it suggests what day to train and what session to do, however this is flexible. All you need to do is check the planner and choose what day you would like to train. The MX and MTB Performance Programmes include 4 different sessions, from strength sessions to cardio and mobility. Some weeks you will be able to train and ride with no interruption and some others you will only do 1-2 sessions in the gym and perhaps some riding. The programmes are flexible they work around your lifestyle. The idea behind the The MX and MTB Performance Programmes are to offer you professional guidance and ensure that you train correctly without wasting your time. We want you to improve your fitness and speed on your bikes whilst you exercise correctly. Simple as that!

I’m overweight. Will this plan help me lose weight and should I get fitter before I commit to the training programme?

Yes of course! This plan is great for overweight people who want to lose weight. If you combine the plan with a good nutrition plan, it will really help you lose weight. I would highly recommend getting a copy of the Performance Recipes E-Book (available on this website) to help along side the MX/MTB Performance programme. The E-Book includes 80 quick healthy recipes from breakfast to lunch, dinner and snacks between. It’s the ultimate combination to lose weight and become fitter and stronger rider!

Can I buy the programme in my country?

YES. With it being in PDF (digital) format you can instantly download it wherever you are in the world. Payment is available via many methods including Paypal. For an idea of cost just google ‘£45 into ' or pay via Paypal.

How much of the program benefit for the MTB would be transferred into road riding?

Very much so. While the programme is specific to mountain biking, the stronger and fitter you are the fitter you will be for any sport. Road cycling included

Is there a nutrition pack included with the MX/MTB Performance Training Programme?

Yes, the Performance Recipe E-Book comes with both programmes or you can purchase it separately on the website.



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